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SV Stage School

New to SV we have the very talented Rebecca-Jayne Hulse teaching our SV Stage School. These classes are for children and teens from aged 4 years. Rebecca is a very experienced and well-travelled performer who has trained in performing arts for a number of years. Rebecca has joined our team and will be offering high quality training in all areas of performing arts; focusing on singing, dancing and acting. Her classes will give students the opportunity to explore every angle of performing.  Come and join in the fun with Rebecca. This is a class not to be missed !


Beginners Street Dance

SV Street Classes run in various different venues across Wrexham and Cheshire. Whether you’re looking to learn new dance moves or hone in on your existing talent, this class is what you are looking for! Our Beginners Street Dance Classes are for children and teens; age 4+ years. Classes will consist of new dance routines, themed sessions and 'TikTok' dances to the latest music. The aim of this class is to have lots of fun, learn exciting dance routines and make lots of new friendships. 

Adult Street & Fitness

Led by a dedicated team of instructors, this class will have you on your feet in no time! A fun relaxed atmosphere, where you can let go and dance your troubles away. A chance to socialise, get fit and make new friendships. This class is open to anyone aged 16+ and suitable for beginners. Our instructors will make sure that you leave every session feeling on top of the world. Come and give it ago, you will never look back!

SV Elite Styles 

SV Elite classes are for those dancers with a little more expeirance or who are ready and willimg to challange themselves with our 'Elite Training Programme'. In this class you will be taught all the different styles of street dance;  including hip-hop, house, locking, popping, dancehall, litefeet and many many more! If you're ready and eager to expand your dance knowledge and to take on a new challenge , look no further! Book your  space today!


This class is an introduction to dancing in heels. You will learn to walk,  improve posture, gain confidence and perform like a pro! This class is suitable for dancers aged 15+ years. Throw on your favourite pair of heels & come along and strut your stuff with us! 

SV Elite Choreography Class 

SV Elite classes are for those dancers with a little more experience or who are ready and passionate to take on and challenge themselves with our 'Elite Training Programme'. Choreography class is were you will learn a different piece of choreography each week by top choreographers from across the UK. If you're ready for that extra push, then book your  space now !

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